The Innovative Legacy of Luis Alejandro Giralt: Technology, Cryptocurrencies and Entrepreneurship

The Innovative Legacy of Luis Alejandro Giralt: Technology, Cryptocurrencies and Entrepreneurship

Luis Alejandro Giralt is a blockchain expert and technology entrepreneur with an impressive track record of more than 10 years in developing innovative marketing projects with global campaigns. His experience extends to successful investments in more than 21 web3 companies, the creation of the Landian Metaverse, and the launch of, establishing himself as a prominent “cryptoneur.”

“We are unique in terms of our work teams. We speak the language of the people and always strive to explain everything in a normal and not so technical way. Additionally, our technology is unique,” Luis Alejandro explains.

As a co-founder responsible for the development of NFTs for artists and entrepreneurs in NFTs Latin America, his influence has spread as a member of various advisory boards of crypto companies in Colombia, Dubai, Costa Rica, Spain and Thailand.

“We started our business only five years ago and have made it incredibly far. We were also one of the first groups in the business when these technologies were first coming out. The key to success for me has been surrounding myself with good people who help and support me in every way,” Luis Alejandro details. 

In addition to being able to communicate with people, explaining technical concepts in a simple and clear way, Luis Alejandro’s technological contribution is truly unique. He led pioneering projects such as the first crypto company in Latin America on the Canadian Stock Exchange, and Landian, the biggest metaverse in the world.

However, his journey has not been without significant challenges. Luis Alejandro has faced malicious criticism, doubts, and other harmful opinions by people all over the world. What helped him over it was his focused mindset and personal definition of success: living in peace of mind. 

“I have received a lot of harmful criticism from many malicious people out there who would seek to stop me from doing what I am doing. For me, the most important step in overcoming this was ensuring that I had a strong mindset,” Luis Alejandro states.

His vision for the future includes ambitious projects such as a Bancus (digital bank), Landian (Hyper-realistic metaverse), Bulls and Freaks (NFT marketplace), and Trademy, a trading platform. He details them below:

“My goal for the coming years is to expand and create new projects that explore further the spaces that I am already excelling in. These include ideas such as digital banking, an NFT marketplace, and a new kind of trading platform. With over ten years of experience and an incredible team in place, we are excited for what the future holds for us,” Luis Alejandro says.

As for his advice to those looking to start their own business, he stresses the importance of perseverance, hard work, and surrounding yourself with smart people. He also stresses the importance of not being intimidated or having your dreams stolen from you.

If Luis Alejandro’s own successes weren’t enough, he has been honored with the appointment of Ambassador for Latin America by the Philippe Cousteau Foundation and Diplomat for Peace and Tolerance by the Colombian Congress, which underscores his commitment to social welfare and the promotion of progress in the region. 

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