The Artistic Journey of Cire B: From Drill Sergeant to Visionary Entrepreneur

The Artistic Journey of Cire B: From Drill Sergeant to Visionary Entrepreneur

Meet Eric Barnett, better known as “Cire B,” a US Army Drill Sergeant, mental health advocate, and visual artist, who has achieved incredible feats through his art-based company, Cire B Studios. 

From humble beginnings to becoming a prominent figure in the art world, Cire B’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. 

Cire B’s story is one of resilience and creativity. Within the challenges of the pandemic, he launched “The Art Box,” a premium paint-and-sip kit that transformed the live event experience into a guided virtual journey. With themes, games, and paint tutorials led by various artists, the kits allow art enthusiasts to create masterpieces from the comfort of their homes. The overwhelming success of the launch, earning six figures, was just the beginning of Cire B’s remarkable journey.

As Cire B Studios thrived, Eric expanded his reach and made a name for himself in the art world. He was featured on Comcast and Xfinity on the Afro TV Network, showcasing his art to over 14 million viewers. His art graced prestigious venues, including NY Port Authority in Times Square, NYFW’s Art Heart Fashion, and Art Basel in Miami. Beyond traditional exhibitions, Cire B curated unique interactive experiences, from financial art workshops to personal development-inspired paint and sip classes, and live painting alongside various performers. His mission to uplift the world through art became a reality.

Cire B’s motivation stems from his profound connection with the world around him. 

“My art is a direct reflection of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions from my life experiences,” he says. 

This profound connection fuels his creativity and allows him to craft art that resonates with people from all walks of life. He embodies the power of passion and purpose in his artistic journey, inspiring others to embrace their creative calling.

Starting a business comes with its share of challenges, but Cire B’s mindset is his greatest asset. 

“Mindset is everything. Mentally, you have to be strong enough to block all distractions,” he advises. 

Embracing a resilient mindset, he faced obstacles with determination and focused on his unique path.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Cire B offers valuable advice: “When you create your lane, you never worry about competition. Don’t waste time trying to paint like anyone else.” 

To Cire B, success means much more than financial achievements. It embodies the ability to live life on his terms. 

“Financial freedom is the ability to be in control of your destiny,” he says. 

Looking towards the future, Cire B envisions expanding his influence further. He plans to establish his art gallery, offering established and upcoming artists a platform to showcase their work. With a commitment to empowering others, Cire B Studios will continue to uplift the art world and inspire people worldwide.

Eric Barnett, with Cire B Studios, is a true testament to the power of passion, resilience, and authenticity. From the launch of “The Art Box” to curating inspirational experiences and showcasing his art at prestigious venues, Cire B’s journey exemplifies the pursuit of purpose and the embrace of individuality. 

Through his art, he uplifts the world and encourages others to unlock their creativity.

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