The 110% Movement, by Chris Groves, Will Help People Develop a Roadmap to Success & Achieve Their Goals At The Wonderfront Festival

The 110% Movement, by Chris Groves, Will Help People Develop a Roadmap to Success & Achieve Their Goals At The Wonderfront Festival

The Wonderfront Festival is so much more than just great live music.  It’s a celebration of San Diego’s arts, culture and lifestyle. Thousands of people will flock to San Diego from November 18-20 to enjoy great music, yacht parties, cruises, motivational speakers, the city’s signature food and drinks and much more.

Chris Groves will take to stage to present his motivational tour, The 110% Movement, which  

He will be presenting with an incredible 120 feet wrap around stage that has 300,000 video pixels. This will be the first time this kind of technology has been used to enhance The 110% Movement motivational experience. It will be an exhilarating motivational presentation that no one should miss.

Chris believes that there are two types of people in this world: those who just live life and those who build their life with intention. The 110% Movement it’s a state of living that promotes that anything is possible once people take ownership of their lives in every aspect.

In addition, Chris isn’t just any average speaker. He puts all his heart and soul into his speech, teaching all listeners that everyone possesses the inner power to achieve whatever goal they set for themselves. Part of his mission is to inspire others to take control of their lives to be successful and help them live their best lives. 

He is also the CEO of Groves Capital, a mortgage lending company broker and banker. The business is a direct lender nationwide that provides fast approvals, offers the best rates, is an outside the box lending platform and possesses jumbo loans. His trajectory as the owner and head behind his family business makes Chris a great speaker to share his experience and recommendations on how to start a business, face adversities and the value of a positive mindset.

His first conference of The 110% Movement took place in New Orleans at the Saints Training Practice Field and was a complete success. Hundreds of people enjoyed Chris’ program and learned how to take control of their life to get the best results from it.

“If we put limits on what we can accomplish, we will limit our success. The key is to not put barriers in your own way. A lot of you are new lead operators, looking to start climbing the ladder to success. Developing and committing to action plans is going to be your key to this success,” Chris shares.

This Saturday Chris will bring out emotion and energy, empower listeners and leave them with an indelible imprint on them in order to help them make the changes they need to live their best lives.

Don’t miss this amazing experience! Change your life with The 110% Movement, buy your tickets to the festival here.