Team 22 Realty Is Taking Over The Real Estate Business Through Its Focus On The Customer’s Experience

Team 22 Realty Is Taking Over The Real Estate Business Through Its Focus On The Customer’s Experience

Team 22 Realty is not your average real estate company. More than a company, Team 22 is an experience, as it is the only real estate firm that provides a mindful approach on the real estate transaction. As a residential real estate brokerage company, Team 22 provides a match between clients and sellers and through its concierge service, brings clients the comfort and trust they deserve in their home buying process. As opposed to other real estate companies, Team 22 focuses on keeping an intimate size and scope to each of its locations, so that clients can receive an individualized treatment throughout their home buying experience. 

“We believe in offering all of the necessary steps from the transaction side while cultivating a real relationship with our customers. We are a part of this community and welcome all to our community as best we can,” states Alain Broduer of Team 22. 

Team 22 was founded by three gentlemen, Jerry Haffey, Sahap Sicimoglu, and Nicholas Alberto. As they came together and joined their passion for real estate, their priority was always to change the stereotype of the real estate community and to change the way customers experience the real estate transaction process. Despite coming from different walks of life and careers, they all had the same goal. As a team, they truly care about how their clients feel in their new home and in their community, and work their hardest to make their clients happy. 

“The universe works in mysterious ways and when the team was put together, it all made sense,” Jerry Haffey Jr of Team22 shares. 

Having a team of people dedicated to each customer’s experience, even after the signing table, makes it a mindful experience and not just an “approach.” Team 22 refuses to compromise the integrity of their mission and while other companies may shift quickly for the dollar, they are not that type of business. Instead, Team 22 believes in their process and vision, and always puts that first. 

Building a business is no easy task, however, Team 22 has remained fluid and open to change as different obstacles arise. With the right mindset, they have been able to overcome any challenges and continue to grow. They not only work to make their clients happy, but one of their goals is also to give the members of Team 22 a true career to better themselves and their families. As the team shares, 

“If the members of the Team 22 family feel successful and content, our customers will feel that energy. This is success and this is a goal of ours. […] The mission is the common goal that we all strive for within the business. If this mission is clear and we maintain integrity within it, you can accomplish anything.”Jerry Haffey Jr of Team22 shares. 

In the future, Team 22 hopes to expand into a series of small offices that drive their mission and vision throughout. For now, the team is focused on their current operation as they work on perfecting current services, so that they can offer their customers an outstanding experience. 

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