Some Companies Continue To Grow Despite Massive Layoffs and Fears of a Recession: Learn More About This

Some Companies Continue To Grow Despite Massive Layoffs and Fears of a Recession: Learn More About This

In the summer of 2022, the United States entered a recession, which is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product. More recently, this has led to companies laying off staff.

The most recent of these tech companies to layoff staff was Meta (formerly Facebook). This follows other big tech companies such as Amazon, Alphabet (Google) and Microsoft.

“Leadership isn’t about being the best, it’s about making other people better. Axe Elite has been able to provide me with an opportunity where I can be in control of my life, my income and my time. It has given me an opportunity to live my life by design and be able to build a legacy for me and my family.”

This was shared by Eroz Mesias, vice-president of Axe Elite, an award-winning telecommunications company that is committed to growing revenue of businesses, growing month by month in 2022.

“Axe Elite was the light for me in a world full of darkness. I always knew I was destined to be great, but never knew what vehicle would get me there. Axe Elite gave me the vehicle and road map to where I wanted to be and who I wanted to become. Through the training I have received at Axe Elite, it has made me a better business person, better salesperson, and above all a better person who could serve more to their family, friends, and community.” Adds Emir Ademovic, vice president of the company.

The layoffsfrom big tech companies, which amount to about 95,000 employees, come as consumer and digital advertisers’ spending decrease. Even though these companies continue to grow, their growth pace has slowed down.

Some of the companies that succeeded through this period put people above any profit. This was the case of Axe Elite, which so far this year has managed to grow by 600 percent.

“Axe Elite gave me the opportunity to live my life by design, and not by default. I came to this industry without any previous experience in sales or a college degree. However, I was able to grow, develop and achieve things that I have never had achieved before in my life. I have become a better friend, son, partner but most importantly a better person,” Explains Kevin Diaz, vice president of Axe Elite.
Today, Axe Elite continues to positively impact the lives of many people with one mission in mind: helping others to succeed and win.

“With constant development and growth Axe Elite has transformed my life and has helped me grow where continuously I am becoming the best version of myself. This vehicle has allowed me to reach goals I once could only dream of, such as traveling the world, having time freedom and giving back to family and loved ones.” Concludes Ernesto Martinez, vice president of Axe Elite.

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