OYA New Earth is Focused on Transforming Lives and Building a New Earth

OYA New Earth is Focused on Transforming Lives and Building a New Earth

Many environmental advocates continue to flag the state of Planet Earth and encourage countries and people to take steps to live a more sustainable life. While climate change is a major external issue affecting people today, there are also other challenges that are internal, including burnout and various mental health problems. These are issues that Michala and Mayan Metzler care about because, without solving them, how would we solve the bigger problems humanity faces?

OYA New Earth is a groundbreaking platform that unites conscious leaders, healers, and innovators worldwide, offering transformative retreat experiences and a global network of luxurious holistic estates.

Michala and Mayan are the innovators behind OYA New Earth. Their journey began 15 years ago when they established the only national kitchen chain of European kitchen showrooms called the German Kitchen Center. After this, they established MyPlanetWeb, which developed sustainable building systems and plastic recycling technologies. 

Alongside these endeavors, Michala faced significant burnout, which forced her to dive deeper into sustainable non-medical solutions for burnout and anxiety management and resulted in the inspiration for the establishment of their non-profit foundation, MyLifeMyPlanet. Through this foundation, they have connected ancient healing methods with modern medical systems to bring about a synthesis of modalities.

“As two dedicated individuals driven by a deep sense of purpose, we humbly strive to create positive shifts in consciousness and facilitate transformative experiences for those seeking growth and healing.”  Michala emphasizes.

The same driving force that led Michala and Mayan to establish MyLifeMyPlanet in order to help people led them to the foundation of OYA New Earth, which serves as a sanctuary of wisdom and healing for digital nomads seeking transformational journeys. 

By curating the concept of the world’s top retreat place, OYA New Earth provides an environment where conscious leaders can meet, offer their services, and educate themselves and others. Their focus on prevention over intervention and their dedication to bridging old world wisdom with new world technologies set them apart in the industry.

Moreover, OYA New Earth pioneers a new standard for retreat services, ensuring qualified providers, high-quality outcomes, and a unique blend of mind, body, and spirit healing modalities.

“Our facilities ensure privacy, luxury, connection with nature, and a unique story for each property. It’s a place showcasing all modalities of mind/body & spirit healing, anywhere from neuroscience & biohacking all the way to old world healing & plant medicine.” Michala mentions.

Michala and Mayan believe that transformation is possible for all individuals. They recognize that a shift in consciousness is essential for humanity’s growth and well-being, and through OYA New Earth, they aim to help that shift. 

By combining the best of ancient wisdom and modern technologies, OYA New Earth provides the tools and experiences necessary for individuals to achieve balance and create positive changes in their lives.

“We believe in the ripple effect, and if we can make an impact on even a small number of people, we have the potential to create a profound shift in the world.” Michala adds.

OYA New Earth is more than a retreat platform—it is a catalyst for personal and global transformation. The hope is that it will become a worldwide network of luxury estates that serve as beacons of healing and wisdom. 

These estates will host conscious leaders, healers, and innovators, creating a thriving community where collaboration and growth flourish. Accordingly, OYA New Earth aims to build a new paradigm of healing, consciousness, and holistic luxury experiences that empower individuals to live in alignment with their true purpose.

OYA New Earth is a community of like-minded individuals who share their vision and are committed to personal growth and global transformation. Beneficiaries of OYA New Earth believe in the power of collaboration and have created a space where conscious leaders can connect, exchange ideas, and support each other.

The journey of Michala and Mayan showcases the power of determination, vision, and a deep-rooted desire to have a positive impact on those around us. From their early business ventures to the establishment of OYA New Earth, they have focused on helping people and creating spaces for personal growth and transformation.

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