Mindful Marketing with Manah: Good for Society & Good for Business

Mindful Marketing with Manah: Good for Society & Good for Business

With the evolution of human beings and societies, also comes the evolution of communication. From letters to fax, to home phones and cell phones; from radio to TV and now smartphones and social media platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, Tik Tok and many more.

Communications media and platforms have had a fundamental role in the development of human beings as species. Their main objective has been to offer a channel to inform about the news live, and inform about other people’s and brands’ news as well. This is why nowadays, more and more companies are including a communications strategy in their planning, and are also looking for customized marketing consulting.

How can a company stay up to date with all the changes in the communications world while sending the message it wants to send to its target client? Manah specializes in Marketing Communications Strategies, Comprehensive Event Development, and International Press, among other services.

This brand stands out by its cultural understanding without leaving the individual behind. It understands all its clients, and with that, it’s able to transmit the message that represents him/her, generating a positive impact in the public.

Manah was founded in 2019 by Estela Rotmistrovsky, an expert in the development of Marketing Communications Strategies focused on achieving business profitability. The company is based in Argentina, and they recently opened offices in Paraguay. It currently has scope in Latin America, Israel, Spain and is achieving strong development in the US Hispanic market.

Nowadays, Manah is innovating by working by the philosophy of Mindful Marketing, which consists of creating marketing with the objective of generating a positive social outcome. It is aligned with the consumers’ most important values. Two of the most common are solidarity and taking care of the environment. 

This means that a company’s actions must surround these values, from their packaging to their personnel and the development of their marketing strategy. This is how the enterprise stops being just a business and transforms itself to a company with values, contributing to an improvement of society based on its consumers’ and their necessities.

It’s good for society, but it’s also good for business. Actually, Tredwatching establishes that around 92% of millennials prefer to buy brands that are considered ethical and eco-friendly. Every day that passes, being updated and informed about consumers’ tendencies are even more important for entrepreneurs.

In Estela’s words: “media’s relationships are vital because they represent one of the best options for people and enterprises to have presence, impact and growth in their market. This is why it is key to consider the messages we transmit as leaders, on a personal and professional level, in the publicity market and must ensure that they are aligned with our values and beliefs. I invite you to work together to create a positive impact”.

You can learn more about Manah’s work and services on their website: www.manah.us

You can also contact Estela through her email address: restela@manah.us