Meet Wester Barber: The Puerto Rican Professional Barber Who Has Created Fashionable Looks for Many Reggaeton SuperStars and Other Artists

Meet Wester Barber: The Puerto Rican Professional Barber Who Has Created Fashionable Looks for Many Reggaeton SuperStars and Other Artists

Wester Barber is a 31 year old Puerto Rican who shines with his great talent in the barbering industry. He is in high demand among fashionable singers to make them look great on any occasion and for any major event of importance.

Wester Barber runs a barbering studio in Los Angeles, California, where he has grown professionally and has come to fulfill the barbering requirements of great artists such as Bad Bunny, Anuel, Nicky Jam, J Balvin and others.

“I started from scratch. I was a baseball player and I never imagined being a barber. Always trust my talent in my hands and it’s what currently makes me unique.” Wester Barber shared.

Wester Barber began to venture into the world of barbering from his own home in Toa Alta Puerto Rico, where he cut the hair of his friends. After perfecting his talent he worked in a barbershop called Too Flow until eventually he managed to get his own barbershop in Toa Baja Puerto Rico. 

His motivation to dedicate himself to the barbering industry came from the demands of customers and their testimonies that he always managed to meet to perfection their requests, thanks to his passion for this profession.

All people sooner or later go through complicated or difficult situations and obstacles, many of which can be economic or personal. In Wester’s case, one of the biggest obstacles he has overcome so far in his career has been leaving his family, daughters and friends in order to grow professionally in a place far away from them.

“My advice to people starting their own business is this: It’s a difficult road, there are many obstacles but when you want something nothing becomes impossible.” Wester states and, “We put the fear into ourselves thinking that we can’t, but once you start you realize that the control is yours. Success belongs to each person because only you know how much you yearn for it, all the sacrifices you have undergone in order to get there.”

In the near future, Wester is working on a variety of new projects to grow as a professional barber and continuing to work towards financial freedom.

“Financial freedom for me is that you have to evolve a lot professionally. We are progressing step by step, we have to work to survive and work hard. We have to be prepared for anything like the pandemic for example. Continuing to evolve takes years to reach that economic stability that we so desire.” Wester says.

There are businessmen and women, entrepreneurs of all levels who will sometimes say that there is no competition or that the competition is themselves. Wester differentiates himself from the competition because of all the obstacles and struggles he has had to go through, among which are also language barriers and his origin.

No matter where you come from or the limitations you have, you have to want it and you have to work for it, but most importantly, always perfecting it.” Wester stresses.

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