Josue Juarez- The Successes of a First Generation Entrepreneur

Josue Juarez- The Successes of a First Generation Entrepreneur

Meet multifaceted entrepreneur and family man Josue Juarez. Growing up in South Central LA., Watts, CA.  in a low-income family with extremely low resources, pushed him to advance in life quickly, by getting creative and utilizing education as a tool to be versatile in the business world. 

To support his family, Josue opened his eyes to the world of real estate. Through finance and equity, he was able to own four houses. Yet due to cuts and losses during the great recession, forced Josue to acquire deep knowledge of what not to do and how to better prepare himself for the highs and lows of the real estate market. Overcoming the consequences of the recession, Josue meditated on how to replace his income with something he loves.

To start, Josue in high school loved to be involved in an afterschool program called Living Literature Colors United, where he successfully cast in “Colors Straight Up” which won several awards including a 1997 Oscars® Academy Award nomination. This inspired him to get involved in the music business. First, he materialized a music label called erraticVIBES ENT & Publishing Company: DigitalGoods. By 2016, he published his first professional music single Sacred Love by Erratic Jay and thanks to his success, he was able to develop Legendary Mexican Urban Artist and previously Guinness World Record for fastest rapper-Big Metra’s career. Lastly, by 2021 he became the founder of Vybyn, the first music social app that utilizes music as the social glue that connects artists, fans, brands, and Companies. Now Vybyns prime focus is to become more than just a streaming app- an organic platform for new creators/artists and brands to propel and reach their listeners with trendsetting features & the secret sauce.

These successes did not come easy, Josue had to balance work and life while filling in his knowledge and skill gaps that are needed to move forward with concrete solid progress. That, along with capital to fund his businesses. Nevertheless, he was able to appropriately manage and balance personal life with his ventures that included the ability to set savings aside.

Now Josue runs four businesses- his real estate service partnered with Loans Realty Group, the real estate investment firm Fixerra, his music publishing company DigitalGoods and his music tech company Vybyn. Currently, Josue is trying to merge Fixerra, into a Corporation, to create the ability to invest in commercial and multi-unit apartments. Before the end of April he will be distributing the anticipated music video Sacred Love on AppleMusic, Tidal and VEVO. He is also working on finalizing Vybyn as a minimum selling product (MSP or what Josue calls it- a “minimum LOVEABLE product” (MLP) that emotionally connects with Business-oriented and user-oriented individuals that will be using Vybyn as their music, social, and marketing platform of choice. 

For updates on his projects check out his Instagram @joshjuarez.f