Join the Collective: How Simone Lord Leads Entrepreneurs to Their Dreams

Join the Collective: How Simone Lord Leads Entrepreneurs to Their Dreams

Simone Lord stands out as a professional entrepreneur, experienced in accounting, frontline management, personal development, communications, personal training, coaching, and is also the general manager for Kristian Livolsi’s group of companies.

Simone began her career in accounting, handling numbers, crunching figures, and managing a finance and payroll team of 15 people in the not for profit sector. The demands of the corporate world with three young children whilst supporting her husband who served his community as a police officer was extremely challenging. 

She felt that corporate life was not working for her in this phase of life, from exhausting schedules, to a toxic workplace environment, she decided to enter independent coaching.

In January 2020, she had built up a strong group of clients within only 12 weeks of starting her business, but everything collapsed when the alarming first wave of COVID-19 hit Australia. With lockdowns in place, all her clients canceled their memberships, leaving her with no choice but to pivot quickly in the online fitness world. Simone sought mentoring and advice to help her navigate her business during the pandemic.

“I knew that I needed and wanted this from the moment I thought about starting my own business,” Simone shares.

During a LinkedIn webinar focused on the importance of having a growth mindset and effective business strategies, Simone had a fortuitous encounter with Kristian Livolsi, the founder of Business Growth Mindset.

The encounter with Kristian changed everything for Simone. He challenged her, started her thinking about the business differently, took her under his wing in mentorship, and completely changed her entrepreneurial journey.

A few short months later, Krisitan invited Simone to join his team at Business Growth Mindset, focusing on helping people navigate the frustration of finding the right mentor and coaching program. After successful implementation of the first group advisory program launch, Kristian offered her the position of General Manager for his group of companies.

Realizing that she couldn’t fully commit to both roles, that being her wellness business and the demands of a GM position,  Simone focused entirely on building a community of entrepreneurs with Kristian.

Since 2021, Simone’s mentorship has guided entrepreneurs to success by linking them to the right resources and guidance through sound knowledge and expertise. Inside the BGM service, Simone offers a newly created program called Customers on Demand.

Kristian and Simone recognised that they were attracting a lot of start up businesses that really needed their help and guidance but couldn’t afford the investment into our Business School program. The Customers On Demand program is designed to equip entrepreneurs with the tools, strategies, and support they need to succeed in business when they are earning less than $10k per month. .

“Customers on Demand isn’t just a program: it’s a community-driven initiative that fosters collaboration, accountability, and continuous learning,” Simone explains.

Through Customers on Demand, Simone and the other expert coaches teach how to sell your product or service, how to first market successfully to your target audience, and create a winning mindset for your business to grow and excel. Members can also attend exclusive events and access a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

“What makes us different is that we truly care about our clients’ success. We acknowledge that so much of achieving an outcome depends on accountability, which is exactly what we provide in our programs,” Simone emphasizes. 

She aims to educate members on methods to boost their income in 90 days, find and retain  their ideal clients, and establish assertive and open marketing strategies.

She also assists entrepreneurs in resolving typical business challenges such as obtaining high-quality leads, boosting sales, handling cash flow, and establishing accountability.

However, Simone highlights that COD is not for everybody. It is not for those who will make excuses, not take action, or are unwilling to share their stories to help somebody else. It is also not for any business associated with e-commerce; instead, it helps service-based entrepreneurs ready for natural growth.

Simone has provided over 5,000 hours of coaching and support within the past five years, and she plans to keep reaching thousands. Her work won’t be slowing down any time soon.

“I have no doubt that my role with Business Growth Mindset will continue to grow and thrive for many years to come,” Simone says.

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