From Entrepreneurship to Investment: The Inspiring Journey of Victor Alain Torres that is Changing Lives

From Entrepreneurship to Investment: The Inspiring Journey of Victor Alain Torres that is Changing Lives

For over a decade, Victor Alain Torres has been immersed in the exciting and challenging world of entrepreneurship. Starting with the creation of his first clothing brand, this passionate entrepreneur has carved his path in the vast business world, weaving a network of partnerships with various brands over the years. 

Victor is the CEO of IFD+, which is a crowdfunding platform that channels capital into various projects. His goal is to provide investment opportunities to investors while also offering entrepreneurs a tool to grow their businesses. Victor’s passion for helping companies raise capital and generate profits has been a key driving force in the establishment of IFD+.

It’s an innovative, creative, and dynamic Investment business, where investors invest capital in Real Estate Developments and ventures through Crowdfunding and receive profits without needing to be involved in the business,” Victor says

Victor’s vision transcends borders. He aims to take IFD+ to the American market, where he plans to attract real estate developments in the most profitable areas. His focus extends beyond finances, as he also aims to inspire others to pursue their dreams and contribute to the business and entrepreneurial community.

We want to expand our project portfolio for investments in our brand, including effective entry into the American market, targeting real estate developments in the most valuable areas,” Victor comments.

For Victor, everything started 11 years ago when he found a deep fascination in the art of entrepreneurship. Guided by a deep knowledge of various fields, he and his partner brought a skincare brand to life, a step that not only enriched their experience but also expanded their capabilities. 

This solid foundation served as a platform for the birth of a regional production company. Through this production company, they orchestrated a series of spectacular events, ranging from massive events like “Luchas Libres” to immersive “Haunted Houses,” vibrant concerts, and captivating museums. 

This diverse and extensive horizon inspired Victor and his team to continue diversifying and creating businesses with a bold and visionary approach. However, in his constant pursuit of new opportunities, Victor faced significant challenges. 

“One of the biggest challenges when starting a business is the lack of knowledge in certain areas. Launching my first clothing brand helped me learn about aspects ranging from fabric selection and suppliers to production logistics.” Victor explains, and adds, “Having to learn new things motivated me to acquire the necessary skills and overcome the difficulties that arose along the way.”

Mindset also played a pivotal role in Victor’s career. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive and proactive mindset. For him, the key is to approach challenges with a “how can I” attitude rather than making excuses not to act. This philosophy has led him to overcome obstacles and persist even in the toughest times.

Victor also values the importance of facing fear. He sees fear as a motivating tool, a signal that he is exploring the unknown and challenging territory. This perspective has enabled him to venture into new areas and grow both personally and professionally.

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