Driven to Provide More for His Customers, Brandon Young Created Young Management and Consulting to Do Just That!

Driven to Provide More for His Customers, Brandon Young Created Young Management and Consulting to Do Just That!

Working for yourself is something that many people want, but few actually achieve. There is something that people find very satisfying when they have no one else to report to but themselves. Though many are not cut out for this kind of entrepreneurial leap, Brandon Young absolutely was. Brandon had spent years post college working for others when he finally decided that he needed to start working for himself. This is when Young Management and Consulting began.

“I work in the energy sector and provide customizable boutique services to my clients,” Brandon explains.

Even for Brandon though, the transition to working for himself and building a new company has had its challenges Brandon is adamant on bringing an innovative way of working to the market. 

“My team is not completely built out, it’s been challenging to identify key talent to on board. People are the number one asset next to clients. Skillsets are limited in the workforce. It’s challenging to find the right profile and team member. Motivation hasn’t been challenging, finding someone who thinks like me is challenging. It’s hard to find someone dedicated to your teams as you are. I’m proud everyone on my team shares the common goal to succeed for the company,” Brandon remarks.

Despite all obstacles, Brandon hasn’t slowed down. In fact, 2021 had been a big year for him and his company and they showed spectacular growth despite the pandemic and all that it brought.

“The company allows me to see the bigger picture and importance of helping others and giving back. My responsibility has increased to want to add value to my professional and personal life as well as the need to represent a diverse business. It made me realize that I have to raise the bar. I am a voice for many. I left my employer in 2019 and saw growth in 2020 and 2021. ” Brandon says.

When it comes to competitors, for Young Management & Consulting, it is easy to stand out. They are a diverse and small business, which in turn allows them to be more flexible than larger companies. 

“We can be more flexible than larger companies in a timely manner because we are small. Our leadership comes from larger company backgrounds. We call ourselves the navy seals team, for how we do business and we have a technical know-how.” He adds.

In the near future, YMC will continue to strategically add value to their clients. Brandon wants to add more staff and develop new projects so he can give back to his community on an on-going basis. YMC’s ultimate goal is to be a key supplier to large companies.

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