Dr. Nair, The Surgeon Who Is Saving Lives In Miami

Dr. Nair, The Surgeon Who Is Saving Lives In Miami

The city of Miami is one of the capitals of the world where beauty is a priority and for this reason beauty treatments and specialists proliferate throughout the city.

Unfortunately, many of these expensive and highly sought after treatments are done by unscrupulous people who only seek a monetary goal at the expense of whatever happened to this resident of the city of the sun who 20 years ago was told about supposed expanding cells, substance that it had to be injected into his legs to tone them and that combined with exercise would give him those perfect legs that he was looking for so much.

After a year, the legs that needed to be toned began to hurt intensely, so much so that her life was limited to such an extent that she could not even dress herself. For this reason she tried to locate them again to explain her problem, but to their surprise the place where the treatment was done no longer existed. There she began a painful path in search of a solution, visiting experts and one of them guaranteed that with liposuction she could remove the biopolymers from her legs.

She claimed to be the only one in Miami capable of removing biopolymers with liposuction. I felt very happy with a lot of hope, this patient tells us, but it turns out that Dr. Rafael Antun took her to a Lipo without even checking her blood, she had 7.0 hemoglobin at that time, and he discovered it after getting complicated in said Lipo with a mrsa infection, which led to being hospitalized for weeks, undergoing a catheterization procedure and three months on the antibiotic Vancomycin at home.

After that failed surgery, the money invested without positive results, having a nurse at home assisting me daily with the infection, the Vancomycin treatment and many side effects for a long period of time, I began to notice that I had the same amount of Biopolymers which I had before Lipo, but now with a horrible scar on my left leg and was experiencing worse symptoms. I began to do research and many doctors told me that a Lipo was not the solution to extract biopolymers, that, on the contrary, a Lipo could have spread that material throughout my body.” She had been deceived once again.

Just like this story, there are millions in Miami, in the capital of beauty, where there is a real risk of falling into the wrong hands not once but several times.

But, just as there are unscrupulous doctors in Miami, there are also real professionals like Dr. Nair, a surgeon who has saved many lives and especially this woman who, after more than 20 years of suffering from intense pain, managed to save her legs.

Dr. Nair is a true professional, a trained specialist, with great knowledge and great experience. He took care of everything, contacting the insurance, educating me, coordinating the surgery and bringing another colleague, Dr. Hanna, a vascular surgeon, to the case to assist him in this 5 long hour surgery and meticulous and delicate work.


“I thank you with all my heart for your help, your support, honesty and professional commitment, but the most beautiful thing, your humanity, your dedication to my case, even knowing that it was going to be without monetary remuneration (a pro-bono case) something that also It changes my life and my perception towards humanity.”

“My words will never be enough to express how grateful I am, Dr. Nair has my complete respect and admiration. Thank you very much for saving my legs and changing my life.”

Now, the question that remains is: Who is this doctor who, unlike others, is saving women from these treatments? Who is Dr. Nair?

Plastic surgeon Narayanan Nair, MD, FACS, FAAP is a deeply caring and compassionate person. He chose to be a surgeon with the intention of helping and maintaining a healthy community. He believes that everyone deserves to look good and feel confident in their appearance. His philosophy is that of precision, thoroughness and accuracy. Strong communication and honesty with patients are two of the pillars on which he bases his work. Dr. Nair and his team will work vigorously to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals, improve their confidence and harmonize their appearance. Additionally, he lends his expertise not only to adults, but also to pediatric patients in need of reconstructive surgery.

One of the doctors who, even in this city, is willing to put the well-being of their patients above any monetary benefit and that is why today he is one of the most sought after not only in the city of the sun, but in the entire United States.

To learn more about Dr. Nair Narayanan visit his Instagram account @nairplasticsurgery and his website www.nairplasticsurgery.com