Dr. Andrés Arias’ Dental Clinic Offers Customers Luxury Service: His Goal is To Change the Perspective of Dentist Consultations

Dr. Andrés Arias’ Dental Clinic Offers Customers Luxury Service: His Goal is To Change the Perspective of Dentist Consultations

Dr. Andrés Arias is a dentist who graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in 2014 and obtained his specialization in prosthodontics at the same university in 2018. He is also an active member of the Colombian Association of Prosthodontics.

Dr. Arias manages a dental clinic located in southern Colombia, which is focused on aesthetics balancing it with health, since he specializes in prosthodontics. Thanks to Dr. Arias, his patients can regain security and function in their mouths.

Since he began his work in his clinic, Dr. Arias has brought innovation to change the perspective that people have about dentistry. Many times people associate the visit to the dentist with some kind of discomfort or pain due to the practices performed in many dental offices and the instruments that these professionals use to perform their work.

“I wanted to innovate and change the concept of dentistry where patients come with fear and anxiety to the consultation. I have achieved this thanks to the implementation of technology. I am a pioneer in digital and aesthetic dentistry, from intraoral scanners that avoid the unpleasant sensation of conventional impressions and allow people to see their mouths in 3D on a computer. In addition, I use drills that do not make sounds, computer-guided implant placements and other infrastructure tools.” Dr. Arias explains.

Dr. Arias has been forging a path to success since 2018, but he has also gone through some unforeseen events that challenged his work at times. Once overcome, his work has continued to be known by many in Colombia, demonstrating that people have no limitations and that when you propose to do things, you can achieve them.

“The biggest obstacle I have overcome is when people told me it was not possible for me to launch a successful business back in 2018. In the first location, I learned many administrative things that maybe I had not been taught in college and that you learn from having mistakes. In December 2021 we opened our second location exceeding our expectations and generating a completely new experience in dentistry.” Dr. Arias shares.

Currently, Dr. Arias is a professional characterized by having a clear direction and vision. He is a visionary and a dreamer who knows where he is going and where he wants to be.

When starting a business, whatever it is, it is important to keep in mind that there will always be challenges to overcome. To be able to do that, Dr. Arias believes it is crucial to have a good mindset. 

“We must assume the daily situations with objectivity and intelligence. How we face difficulties defines a large part of who we are. The main challenge is to stay focused and without distractions. Sometimes fear is our worst enemy.” Dr. Arias states.

The dental clinic of Dr. Arias is different and stands out among all the others for the experience they provide to their customers. Not only because they have the latest technology used to provide the best service, but also because they go above and beyond to ensure people do not feel as if they were in a dentist’s office, but rather in a luxury hotel.

“From the moment you walk into our clinic you feel like you are in a five-star hotel in Dubai. All the walls are black, there is always music, we have a personalized scent so that people don’t associate it with dentistry. You can enjoy anything from coffee to whiskey or champagne in the waiting room.” Dr. Arias comments, and adds, “We do everything digitally: the impressions are made with an intraoral scanner that replaces the uncomfortable conventional impressions. We have all the specialties of dentistry. The dental chair massages you during treatment, and you can watch any series or movie while we attend you. We do porcelain veneers in four working days, and are always looking for natural results.”

Dr. Arias next projects include becoming a father, since his first child–a daughter–will be born in March. Additionally, he hopes to expand his professional presence in Colombia, which is why he is working on opening new headquarters in Bogotá. 

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