Dedicated to the Customer First, Jado Hark is Changing How People Think About Real Estate.

Dedicated to the Customer First, Jado Hark is Changing How People Think About Real Estate.

Having home and some place to rest your head at night means a lot for many people. However, there can be a lot of hoops to jump through when it comes to making that life possible. This includes finding a good realtor, a mortgage plan that works for your finances, and much more. All of these steps can be a major headache for the average person.

Jado Hark wants to help people have a better experience in the real estate world. Through increased communication, better commitment to the buyers and sellers, and increased customer service, Jado’s team is offering a completely different kind of real estate experience.

“Consistent communication, genuine care, ethical behavior and positive experience throughout every step of the process are some of the many things we prioritize. I specialize in residential and commercial real estate and have shown the ability to satisfy customers in both selling and buying homes. My strongest suit is the loyalty of my repeat clients and referrals. I have the support of one of the best brokerages in Minnesota real estate in the Realty group that provides all you need in buying or selling your home,” Jado remarks.

Jado runs Elite Agency: a real estate company that he created to become a part of the real estate industry, but also to change the lives of the people he works with by giving them the house of their dreams.

“The passion to genuinely help people make their American dream come true and own a home without having to over pay in a brutal market is what got me started in real estate. I come from the nightlife industry where I have built a tremendous network from athletes, politicians, attorneys and doctors to first time home buyers that work a 9 to 5, and I treat everyone with the same passion and respect,” Jado explains.

Unfortunately, Jado’s business was not entirely covid proof. When the world shut down, he had to take a step back and go back to the drawing board to figure out how he and his company would adjust to the new virtual reality when real estate relied so much on in person activity.

“COVID-19 took a big hit on my business. To be able to reorganize my operations and control my overhead, was the biggest challenge. Mindset is everything when starting a business, especially in an industry that you have never worked in before, to be able to mentally train yourself to stay focused and learn every single day is a challenge,” Jado states.

Relying on his network and ability to keep a positive mindset, Jado was able to bounce back without a problem. His background in the world of nightlife prepared him to be flexible and adaptive to any scenario. His advice for anyone looking to follow a similar path: go for it!

“Go for it! Don’t hesitate, you never lose, you either win or you learn,” Jado advises.

Jado is looking forward to expanding his team as the year progresses and being able to help more people find their perfect homes. To find out more about Jado, you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.