Danya Chapa Is The Successful Founder Of Bamboor, Skincells & Womanshop, An Innovative Platform That Supports The Promotion Of Local Women's Brands: Learn More Here!

Danya Chapa Is The Successful Founder Of Bamboor, Skincells & Womanshop, An Innovative Platform That Supports The Promotion Of Local Women's Brands: Learn More Here!

Women are at the forefront of a new age. Using their growing prominence in entrepreneurship, many women have founded companies that aren’t just generating profit, but are creating good for the world.

It is not surprising women are being drawn to start their own businesses as vehicles for transformation and opportunity. In today’s world, women make up a large proportion of all social entrepreneurs. In fact, these women are addressing important social issues like hunger, health, poverty, education, gender inequality and human trafficking.

Did you also know that women running businesses in developing nations are a vehicle for transforming lives in a global way as well?

That’s the case of Danya Chapa, a successful Mexican businesswoman and entrepreneur who runs different businesses focused on social causes that are having a huge positive impact on society. Up to date, one of her main projects is Bamboor, a successful company that carries out architecture and decoration projects using bamboo as the main material.

Danya is also president of the representation of AMMJE (Mexican Association of Women Business Leaders) in her city, a well-recognized association that was founded in 1965 by the successful businesswoman Blanca Rosa Alvarez.

In addition, she’s the general director of the SKINCELLS brand, which provides organic-based dermatological products for daily use for everyone’s care, at affordable prices and recommended by the best dermatologists within the industry.

“I have a degree in communication and digital media, focused on political and business studies. I also studied international diplomas at different universities such as the University of Barcelona and York University. I have participated in a project for the federal government on anti-corruption issues, as well as in the Public Integrity Strategy to influence the government’s decision-making process, and in the 2018-2021 federal agenda on the issue of Corruption, Washington, DC. (2018)”, Danya shares.

Danya started her path as an entrepreneur many years ago, due to her need to leave a legacy, do something positive for the world and help others. Currently, she’s recognized as one of the most successful Mexican female entrepreneurs, who’s having a great impact on society thanks to her hard work, passion and determination.

Seeing how successful Danya is today, it’s easy to think that her start in the business world was easy. But quite the opposite. She is a reserved person and she didn’t want others to perceive her as a weak entrepreneur, with a lot of doubts, so at first she struggled against it a lot. She also lost her entire business and had to start from scratch after trusting the wrong people. But, despite all these challenges, Danya knew how to overcome them with courage and always with the determination to succeed, which she did.

“I don’t even look at the competition and I don’t like to compare myself. But I do like learning from people who are better than me and being surrounded by people who add up. My different businesses stand out because we offer optimal solutions with positive impacts on the environment, quality products and affordable prices”, she adds.

Though Danya is already working incredibly hard with her diverse projects, she is not planning on slowing down anytime soon. She is working on developing a platform, called womanshop, that supports the promotion of local women’s brands. She’s also planning to open new showrooms for the Bamboo brand and creating a team of extraordinary people leading projects and promoting them.

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