Amanda Marino Offers Services For People Dealing With Substance Use Disorder And Mental Health Issues Through Next Level Recovery Associates

Amanda Marino Offers Services For People Dealing With Substance Use Disorder And Mental Health Issues Through Next Level Recovery Associates

There are many ways that life teaches us; some are through good ways and others are through traumatic experiences. Unfortunately, there are people who do not know how to handle them. There are other people who go to specialists who help them recover and get out of that situation, however there are also procedures that do not help people at all. In this sense, often the traditional treatment models or therapeutic interventions leave gaps.

Amanda Marino is a Licensed Alternative Medicine Certified Intervention Professional, Certified Life and Recovery Coach, she considers herself a survivor of childhood trauma. From a very young age, she was sexually abused, physically abused by her mother and witnessed the kidnapping of her sister. Over time she has transformed her terrible traumatic experiences in life to thrive and help others overcome their struggles, find peace, happiness, self-esteem, achieve goals and thrive. Today Amanda, along with her partner Blake Cohen, runs Next Level Recovery Associates Inc

We help fill the many gaps that are often left by traditional treatment models or therapeutic interventions. We offer our clients substance use disorder interventions, recovery, family and life coaching, case management services, public speaking and education services regarding substance use and mental health, sober companionship and transportation services, and much more! Our goal is to help the entire family system reach the next level in their lives while offering support, accountability, guidance and expertise. We have a great team that can help us address the diverse individual needs of our unique clients.Amanda explains.

Amanda has worked in the mental health industry for a decade, working on the business side for many years before starting in the field. She missed being able to witness the miracles of the healing process, so she decided to switch her efforts to be more hands on in the process.

I began my education, certifications, mentoring and training years before starting Next Level Recovery Associates with Blake Cohen. I contracted with several companies offering the services, learning the right way to do things. Blake and I wanted to add our own ideas and expertise to the space. We saw a need for the next generation to step up, learn from the best in the business and create something of their own.” Amanda states.

Amanda has been motivated to work in this industry because she wants to help other people thrive in life and show them that there is a way out.  In essence, she is  leading that suffering person and their family on the path that will lead to recovery and prosperity. Next Level Recovery Associates Inc , started in early 2020, becoming a corporation in March.

I love being in the trenches, helping families who are desperate and have no one to turn to. We saw a need for a younger generation to come into this part of the field, get guidance, follow what works and add innovative ideas. Blake and I are both passionate about what we do. In a year when so many people have lost everything, we have built something beautiful and have been able to help people get their lives back.” Amanda remarks.

Amanda’s company, Next Level Recovery Associates Inc, differentiates itself from its competitors because they offer fresh, innovative, and creative approaches to a field that needs it. A sole reliance on traditional medicine has caused the field to become unoriginal.

We are the next generation of Intervention, Case Management and Coaching companies. In our area and across the country, we have truly filled a need. We take client service and communication very seriously. We try to take what worked, leave the rest and add in our own education and experience. We want our team to be the highest quality, well trained, have the required cpr/first aid. We really take everything we do, to the next level.” Amanda details

With so much struggle in the past year, the Next Level Recovery Team has many plans for the new year to ensure that they are helping as many people as they can.

We are growing our brand, equipment, services, protocols and putting in place state-of-the-art systems to take Next Level global. We are working to become more accessible to the public and grow our online business. We want to grow our team of escorts and coaches, train them and become more manager like owners. We will still be involved in our cases, just in different capacities. We want to grow the Next Level brand, while maintaining its concierge approach and delicate attention to detail. Our brand, our reputation and our professionalism are at the center of our growth plan. We want to get on TV, in the press and be more visible creatively so we can help more people.” Amanda says.

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