Aaron Smalls- the international photographer to look out for.

Aaron Smalls- the international photographer to look out for.

Meet Aaron David Smalls– professional photographer based in Columbia South Carolina and across the globe. 

Aaron’s background is art, and was the major factor for getting involved in photography that ignited his passion within him at a young age. He also had the opportunity to travel the world, allowing him to open up his mind to different cultures and have a different perspective on life, while building on his photography skills at the same time. His biggest inspiration also came from his involvement in fashion and falling in love with the imagery in the fashion and art magazines he was subscribed to. 

Motivated to start his own business in 2015, he worked out of the country for 8+ years at a job that made adjusting to stateside employment again not the easiest of tasks. Nevertheless, after a few years, and with the right mindset and motivation, he decided to leverage himself into the photography and fashion field that allowed him to decide how he should operate as a professional and allowed him to explore his creativity more. 

Now with several accolades, Aaron has successfully garnered hundreds of clients in just the past few years and continues to expand his reach to other, more diverse audiences, interested in his photography skills.

In the upcoming year, Aaron’s  next project is to work more on a more targeted approach to increase his maternity shoots. I’m looking to potentially only service maternity shoots in the future so I’m working on marketing and a push to reflect that as well.

For more information on Aaron, check out his website on https://www.aarondsmalls.com/index and follow him on Instagram @aaronsmallsphoto